It’s an instant classic, one of a handful of restaurants around


Steamed dumplings stuffed with ground lamb and beef served in a yogurt and garlic sauce

Karides Şiş

Char-grilled gulf shrimp served with lemon sauce

Sultan Ahmet Köfte

Herbed and grilled ground lamb and beef patties

Kuşbaşılı Pide

Grilled lamb cuts mixed with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.

Sucuklu Pide

Feta, Kaşar and Mozzarella with air-cured spicy beef sausage, topped with an egg.

Ispanaklı Pide

Fresh baby spinach sautéed wıth onions and spices.

Tavuklu Pide

Char grilled chicken breasts mixed with onions, green peppers and cheese.

Sebzeli Pide

Fresh seasonal vegetables topped with tomatoes, olives and cheese.

Akdeniz Salatası

Organic baby spring mix stuffed grape leaves,basil vinaigratte,olives,tomatoes,cucumber,feta.

Talulla’s Salad